We have lawyers call to consult us on difficult tax, accounting and contract issues daily. Their confidence in Premier is reflected in the numbers that rely on us.
Accounting for trusts is very different from general accounting.  Very few CPA's have the expertise to do the accounting correctly. Premier works with accountants who ask us to take over their client's trusts as they realize the technical expertise for trust accounting is out of their realm.
Planned Giving Professionals
Premier works closely with many directors of the planned giving divisions of large charities. They have found that using Premier gives them confidence that the trust administration is done properly. The last thing they need is to have a problem with the trust accounting, taxes or documentation of the trusts of their best clients.

What a few of our Clients have said regarding us.

Richard and JoAnn Losee

There is nothing quite as rewarding as finding someone you can completely depend on and completely trust. We have tremendous peace of mind knowing that experienced, highly knowledgeable professionals are handling our trust -- and all the details associated with it. It's a load off our minds. We feel fortunate to have found Premier Administration.

Donald T. Nelson,
Investment Property Manager of Brigham Young University, Past Director of LDS Foundation and BYU Development Office.

Trust administration is a demanding, exacting discipline. It is a discipline that I know from personal and professional experience cannot be left to amateurs (to do so is to invite big-time trouble!) The people at Premier Administration are seasoned professionals. I have great faith and confidence in them, and I use them personally. They do things right. I recommend them to anyone who wants the very best in trust administration services.

Jim and Norma Wilbur,

Premier has taken wonderful care of us. They've handled all the details, and--because our transaction involved out of state property -- there were a lot of details to handle, including compliance with California state law. We never would have found our way through the maze without Premier's expert help. They were there for us, and we'll always be grateful.