Premier will make you glad you chose to setup a tax-exempt trust!

Premier Administration is recognized as one of leading companies administering tax-exempt trusts in the United States. Premier provides personalized charitable trust administration services. Read below to see why we are simply the best at what we do and why you deserve our service.

Making sure your Tax-Exempt CRT is administered properly is just as critical to achieving your goals as making the CRT decision in the first place!

You want to make sure that the strategy you have chosen works the way it is supposed to. You expect a hassle free income stream, with a worry free retirement income.

How do you get that? With an extremely knowledgeable and experienced partner – Premier Administration. We’ll provide timely distributions, impeccable compliance with all tax laws and frequent, easy to understand reports. All at the best price in the industry.

The IRS and the courts have made it very clear - to get the benefit of a Charitable Trust it must be operated properly. In other words, after a trust is in operation, COMPLIANCE is critical. Premier is there to make sure you have all the information, records, and systems necessary to assure full compliance with the tax laws.

Trust administration is complex. Frankly, only a very few CPAs or attorneys are really experienced and set up to handle charitable trust administration. That is the reason a special firm exists just to handle this one responsibility. Proper administration includes:

• Two kinds of accounting!
      o Trust Accounting – based on the trust state law as well as GAAP
      o Tax Accounting – based on specific rules developed by the IRS and Congress specific to these trust
• Complete and accurate record keeping
• Liaison with the client’s investment professionals and the fund custodians
• Distributions: calculation of the amount and transfer of funds to client
• Reporting: quarterly and year end reports
• Preparation of year end documents including K-1 forms
• Preparation of tax returns, both state and Federal

When you work with Premier you also get:

• Access to the principals, an attorney and a tax-accountant/MBA with over 50 years combined experience with Charitable Trust administration
• A firm that is happy to provide you with one-on-one consultations on case design, and to review your investment selections from the particular tax perspective unique to CRTs

Did you know that if you select the wrong investment vehicle you may lose your income tax deduction? Or cause a tax-exempt trust to pay tax on its income? Premier is always there at the end of the telephone to help you make sure you are maximizing your trust’s benefit.

When you use Premier you know that you will receive:

• The most cost effective service of its kind in the industry. Our rates are very competitive!
• Prompt, personal customer service – most of our clients know our staff by name.
• The security of knowing that all of their records and documents are complete and available in one location
• Regular, prompt, understandable reports
• Reliable, accurate distributions
• All tax forms and tax returns prepared accurately and on time
• The assurance that Premier respects the relationship they have with the financial professional they have chosen to work with.

At all adds up to worry free, hassle free accurate prompt distributions. That is what you want when you sign up for a CRT. When you choose Premier Administration that is exactly what you’ll get. Part of the team you are assembling must include an administrator. With Premier you can be sure that you will be treated well and will be very happy with your decision to set up a CRT

We will be with you every step of the way.

Whether you are new to tax-exempt trusts or have several, Premier's knowledgeable professionals will consult with you on any questions you may have. From initial planning on the best trust for your situation, setting up your trust with our law partners or yours, accounting for the trust including tax returns to timely distribution of your funds, Premier is here to serve you.

Premier's reputation is second to none.

Premier is known for experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

A founder and principal, Alden B. Tueller, in particular is known as one of the top legal advisors in the area of tax-exempt charitable trusts in the country. The two principals of Premier have over 50 years of combined years experience in working with charitable trusts. Because the U.S. Tax Code and state trust laws demand an extremely high level of competency and specialization, you deserve a recognized expert to manage and administer your tax-exempt charitable trusts.

Trust administration can be complex subject matter. No other trust administration company has the depth and breath of experience Premier has. When other lawyers and accountants have problems with any tax-exempt trusts they are responsible for, Premier is the place many turn to time-after-time.  We know there are other companies that can some of what we can do for you in administering trusts, but no one reaches the level of knowledge and expertise of Premier Administration